Each charter is an individual case since free capacities are constantly changing. Small business aircraft are owned by airlines, companies or businessmen. Companies and businessmen offer their aircraft's free capacities for charter purposes. Consequently the available aircraft fleet changes all of the time.

Aviation Solutions International is in contact with the operators and can ensure the necessary aircraft for the requested flight.

The aircraft types presented here can be chartered subject to the available capacity, otherwise similar sized and equipped types are offered for our customers.

Private turboprops and jets


Regional and wide-body aircraft


Cargo aircraft

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  • Payload: 3.6 t

    Volume: 36 m3

    Hold size: 1110x162x175 cm

    Door size: 135x130 cm

  • Payload: 5.5 t

    Volume: 40 m3

    Hold size: 1100x230x167 cm

    Door size: 230x165 cm

  • Payload: 18 t

    Volume: 85 m3

    Hold size: 1355x280x240 cm

    Door size: 280x240 cm

  • Payload: 45 t

    Volume: 180 m3

    Hold size: 1355x280x240 cm

    Door size: 344x340 cm

  • Payload: 47 t

    Volume: 428 m3

    Hold size: 4070x528x245 cm

    Door size: 358x256 cm