Passenger charter aircraft rental

passenger charter rentalMany people may ask how much it costs to charter an aircraft?

Well, the charter price is affected by many factors so for each journey a new calculation shall be made by the airlines. To start off planning a charter we have to consider the following points.

- Type of aircraft

· We choose the appropriate aircraft type first. We know the departure and destination points, the distance between these two locations helps define the size of aircraft. The longer the distance the larger the size of aircraft we will need . The same distance can be performed by smaller aircraft too, with one or more intermediate stops if the customer accepts. Such technical stops (refuelling) generally take 30-45 minutes, pending on the size of aircraft.

- Number of passengers and the amount of baggage travelling with

· More passengers and/or more baggage will require a larger aircraft. A small trolley bag which weighs 5-7 kg-s is enough for a short business trip, while holiday tourist groups may require a 15-20 kg-s suitcase for each passenger. For the tour of an orchestra a larger aircraft should be chartered even for fewer passengers.

- Price is affected by:

· date and time of travel: in peak periods the demand for aircraft increases. For larger aircraft the peak period is summer, for regional and executive ones the time of sport, cultural events, expos, conferences, political events are the peak periods. In such periods the price increases.

· how long does the aircraft stay with the client. Is it a same day return (fly there in the morning and come back in the evening) or the aircraft stays 1,2,3 days in the destination airport. In the latter case the costs of crew and aircraft out stationing and the loss of rejected demand is also taken into account.

· are there empty or positioning flights or does the aircraft depart from the base airport of the airline? Empty flight legs increase costs substantially however in many cases we have no other choice, there is no local airline or appropriate aircraft at the departure airport.

· the cost structure of the airline. The biggest cost items are the ownership/leasing, fuel, airport handling, overfly and navigation costs and terminal fees. The passengers of charter flights also pay the high airport taxes and fees like scheduled passengers do.

Due to the big share of direct costs a change in the number of passengers (e.g. 135 passengers travel instead of 140 on a Boeing 737-400) makes only a little change in the total costs. Against the general belief catering accounts for a very small part of costs.

After all, how much does a charter aircraft cost?

Since charter operation is a tailor made, personalized service, it is not comparable with the prices of cheap (low cost) scheduled airlines. However in many cases the seat price is below the premium scheduled fares, in optimal cases it can be competitive with the scheduled economy fares. It is recommended to ask for a quotation!

Piece of advice before ordering a charter flight

Choose an airport and terminal

The crucial benefit of flying a charter plane is the freedom of choosing an airport.

With smaller airplanes it is possible to eliminate delays and hassles found at major airports and fly to a smaller airport or to use a business terminal at a major airport. The General Aviation Terminals or FBO-s may charge higher fees on occasion but provide a quicker and more comfortable service. At these terminals conference halls, meeting rooms, shower, internet, private parking and other extra services are usually provided.

Aviation Solutions International has references of these terminals, we recommend and assist you to organize flying there upon request.

Budapest General Aviation Terminal building

In Budapest the one recommended is General Aviation Terminal in Liszt Ferenc Airport, located near the area of Terminal 1.

In the neighbourhood of Budapest, Tököl Airport can be found with favourable prices.

Heviz Balaton airport terminal buildingFor our countryside passengers there is possibility with larger jet airplanes (e.g. B737-400) to depart from international airports Győr/Pér, Debrecen and Hévíz-Balaton. Pécs/Pogány international airport can be used by regional aircraft, while smaller aircraft can land after checking the airport data in Békéscsaba, Szeged, Nyíregyháza, Kaposújlak, Fertőszentmiklós, Siófok Kiliti, Kiskunlacháza.

When should we start to organize a charter trip?

In general we can say the sooner the better. The client may ask for an informative price when the exact time of travel is not known yet. Airlines sell their capacity for a peak period quickly so it is recommended to ask for an option even with paying a deposit.

To destinations outside the European Union it takes more time to obtain a flying permit, crew visa or ordering airport handling, in order to organize a flight. That may vary by country, our company will assist to provide such information.

Catering on board the aircraft

A charter quotation generally includes basic catering. This means soft drinks, coffee, tea and snacks. It is possible to order upgraded catering from the operating airline or from the airport catering provider.

Our company will be happy to assist in ordering extra catering services.