Group charter

charter bérlés csoportoknakFor group charters, departure and arrival also follows the passengers' schedule and not the airlines'.
For sport teams who play more matches during a week it is important to save time when travelling back and forth to their matches. Sports fans can save costs if they arrive before the match and return straight after the match.

By chartering an aircraft for corporate or incentive groups, travelling can be made shorter and more time can be devoted to work or local programs.

catering for group charter passengersPersonalized services such as tailored catering and (VIP) lounges shall be coordinated by Aviation Solutions International for our customers.
The larger the group the more difficult it is to book on a scheduled flight. Groups cannot be accommodated on smaller regional flights.

Charter group passengers are checked in at dedicated desks and handled at dedicated gates at the airports.

Our customers are government and state organisations, sport teams and fans, orchestras, film crews, music bands, personnel movements, incentive tours, military groups, charity organisations, conference, congress and other events attendees.

If the group are travelling with a large amount of baggage we coordinate the available capacity parameters with the airline and if necessary coordinate a charter for the baggage.

Aviation Solitions International staff check the service personally at the airport.
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