Private jet charter

magán repülőgép bérlésreChartering a private plane is a solution to save our clients' time and creates flexibility, and freedom not provided by scheduled flights. Private charter departure and arrival follows the passenger's schedule and not the airlines'.

Chartering a private plane is a good solution when the destination can be reached by connecting flights, with long transit times. Roundtrips within a day by choosing appropriate departure / arrival times can oly be made for the large European hubs. A roundtrip to secondary or regional points like Cluj, Florence, Valencia, Skopje can take a whole day or it may be impossible. Managers of companies with local branches in the Carpathian Basin and the surrounding region can easily visit their locations in a short period of time by a private charter.

By private charter airports without scheduled service can be also reached.

magánrepülőgép cateringThe interior of the private aircraft is exclusive, the seats and the internal design provide the highest level of on-board comfort.

Travel by private aircraft can be organized within 24 hours, especially within the European Union. Beyond the EU we provide information for our clients case by case. Private charters usually operate from General Aviation or FBO terminals, there the Customs and Passport Control are quick, boarding is simple and the aircraft parks in front of the terminal.

Enjoy the personalized services of a private aircraft. At the terminals business lounge, VIP lounge, parking, fax and internet are available, which we can manage for our customers. Similarly we are pleased to manage car rental, accommodation booking and tailored menus and drinks served on-board.

Private charters can depart Hungary from Budapest and from several countryside airports.

General Aviation terminál BudapestIn Budapest the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) handles private charter aircraft, the terminal building is located besides Liszt Ferenc International Airport T1.

Near Budapest, Tököl and Kiskunlacháza airports are also an option for private chartering.

Our customers are government and state officials, managers, entrepreneurs, orchestras, sport personalities, film, music and fashion stars, conference, congress and other events attendees.

The charters of our customers are handled confidentially.

Aircraft for chartering are provided by airlines or by owners of aircraft who sell free capacities of their aircraft. The chartering is coordinated for our customers by Aviation Soluitions International staff.

Aviation Solitions International staff check the service personally at the airport.

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